PHP Coupling Detector

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The PHP Coupling Detector tool detects all the coupling issues of your project with respect to the coupling rules you have defined.

At the moment, only PHP coupling issues are detected by analysing the use statements of the classes in your project. But adding a new kind of coupling detections is doable in the future. We could for example imagine to detect the coupling issues of Symfony services that are defined in YAML or XML

At the moment, 3 types of rules are supported:


PHP needs to be a minimum version of PHP 7.2


Globally (Composer)

To install PHP-Coupling-Detector, install Composer and issue the following command:

    $ ./composer.phar global require akeneo/php-coupling-detector

Then, make sure you have ~/.composer/vendor/bin in your PATH, and you’re good to go:

    export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin"


To discover how to use this tool, please read the usage of the detect and list-unused-requirements commands.